4 Best Cat Exercise Wheels for Fast Felines

Does your cat have too much energy to burn? He has a few pounds to lose? Or do you just want to take care of him and his health?

The Cat Exercise Wheel is ideal to meet these needs and give him all the comfort he deserves.

Having a cat with too much energy can lead to negative consequences such as scratching your couch, repeated meowing (sometimes in the middle of the night), and running wild around the house. In addition, cats kept indoors can become bored and develop feline depression and other psychological problems. These can manifest themselves in many ways, such as destroying furniture or not using litter boxes.

In the opposite case, an overweight or obese cat will lie quietly without exercising. This can have repercussions on its health by causing predisposition to certain diseases and by reducing its life expectancy.

There is a solution for these two categories of cats and to give them a better life hygiene: the exercise wheel.

Similar to a hamster wheel, the exercise wheel is designed so that your feline can walk and run while the wheel moves at the same speed as your cat. In addition to providing physical activity, the wheel gives your pet a chance to have fun and be emotionally stimulated.

The Best Cat Exercise Wheels for 2023

ZAMSA Cat Exercise Wheel




This sturdy and stable big cat wheel can support up to 200 pounds and can therefore accommodate several cats who would like to compare their performance and play together.

It is equipped with ball bearings to provide excellent support for your cat and a smooth glide.

Ultra quiet, it will allow your cat to roam around at night without disturbing your sleep and to occupy himself during the day as he wishes.

This cat wheel is sold in a unique wood color that will find its place no matter what the style of decoration of your home.

This cat exercise wheel is a cat’s paradise, with everything he needs to exercise, claw, and have fun.

It’s perfect for a chubby, giant European cat like the Maine Coon or a Bengal whose energy needs to be channeled.

SMART HACKS Cat Wheel Exerciser for Indoor Cats



This solid cat wheel will become your cat’s favorite play space to scoot and lose weight.

This cat wheel is lined with replaceable thickened anti-scratch pads inside. It provides a secure grip for running, and can also be used as cat scratch pad and cat scratcher.

The small model is 35.4″ long, 13.9″ wide and 39.4″ high and can support up to 12 lbs. Enough to accommodate several hairballs who want to compete on their performance.
The interior is equipped with a felt coating for a pleasant feeling under the paws. It is fixed by a scratch system for easy maintenance in the long term.

The gap between base and roller is reduced to a minimum less than 6mm to prevent the cat’s paws from pinching.

Composed of solid wheels, this cat wheel keeps its promises with a fluid glide but also a low noise level, which will not disturb your nights.

This one will find its place perfectly in your living room or in a dedicated room. A great cat toy!

IMQQS Cat Wheel Exerciser for Indoor Cats

IMQQS Cat Wheel Exerciser for Indoor Cats
IMQQS Cat Wheel Exerciser for Indoor Cats


Made entirely of natural wood and ABS resin, the IMQQS Cat Wheel will delight your cat, who will take great pleasure in playing quietly or in letting off steam like a madman.

It is covered on the inside with a sturdy red carpet so that your cat will feel like a star and will be able to put his delicate little paw pads on it comfortably.

With a diameter of 120 cm, the IMQQS wheel is open on both sides, allowing your feline to enjoy the scenery while exercising.

The entire object is 47″ long, 49″ high and 11″ wide. The cat wheel is suitable for all cats as well as Maine Coons.

The cat wheel is very quiet thanks to a ball bearing system, which will save you a lot of nerves if your cat is active at night.

Another advantage of the IMQQS wheel is that it comes already assembled. Put away your tools, once the package is delivered, all you have to do is put it down!

This large cat wheel is available in red or white to blend in with your home.

Homegroove Cat Running Wheel

Homegroove Cat Running Wheel
Homegroove Cat Running Wheel


If you’re looking for a high-quality cat wheel suitable for cat owners with multiple cats, this cat wheel exercise toy is the best cat wheel to choose. This is the most stable cat wheel that cat owners have reviewed, and it is suitable for cats of all fitness levels.

This wheel comes with silent bearings, making it the quietest cat wheel ever. It has a very stable base that you can expand to accommodate more cats. The stability of the cat wheel is unmatched by most cat wheels on the market today.

This cat running wheel is made of solid wood and is very sturdy. Maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds, no need to worry about the weight of the cat at all.

We recommend this cat wheel for cat owners who have multiple cats, and it is suitable for all fitness levels.

The thickened cat scratch pad on the surface of the treadmill wheel is fixed by Velcro, and can be taken off directly to clean when dirty.

This item can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your cat, helping your cat reduce stress, control weight and reducing potential furniture damage.

Why use a cat wheel?

Cat wheels offer many physical and mental health benefits:

1. Make your cat lose weight

How can a pet lose weight and eliminate its fat mass? The use of an exercise wheel is a good way for him to exercise by sprinting, running or walking.

It is very rare that an indoor cat has this opportunity in a house, let alone an apartment or studio. Therefore, having an exercise wheel provides a lot of value and engagement for all indoor cats, regardless of age.

2. Strengthen your cat’s muscles

As with us, physical activity is essential for cats, and exercise will help them maintain an ideal weight, stay healthy, keep their minds sharp and finally build stronger muscles. Indeed, if muscles are not used regularly, they can end up atrophying. The solution to prevent this from happening is to play sports with them frequently or to let them do exercises with their wheel.

Outdoors, cats can cover great distances in a sprint (up to 48 km/h!).

As such, using cat wheels in an apartment or home can have many benefits – they allow the cat to use its full stride and use more of its muscles (thus, expending more calories and tiring them out).

Losing weight is good, but building muscle is even better! Exercise wheels can improve your cat’s posture, prevent injuries and prevent pain.

3. Mentally stimulate your feline

Cat wheels are also great for cats on a mental level, as they offer another level of enrichment.

It’s essential for a feline to maintain its predatory reflexes, to continue to be fast and on the alert.

A lack of stimulation and activity will make your cat slower and reduce its mental capacity.

4. Reduce your cat’s stress

It allows cats to release their pent-up energy throughout the day, reducing behavioral problems and destructive actions!

Cats are sensitive animals, the slightest change in their environment can generate stress and have an impact on their health and well-being. They have highly developed senses, such as hearing and sight, and will therefore be more receptive to noise and environmental nuisances. This phenomenon of stress is amplified in an urban environment which is very noisy.

Living in an apartment or indoors can be a source of discomfort for some cats.

The use of an exercise wheel is a fun way to practice sports. Running or exercising is known to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. It’s exactly the same for our cat friends.

5. Keep your cat occupied while you’re away

Another great advantage of the cat wheel is that it is a passive object, it is convenient for people who work a lot or sometimes go on a trip (1 to 2 days). Cats can continue to be entertained and exercised even when you are not around.

Entirely cat-driven, the wheel requires no batteries or power sources and can be operated by the cat without any assistance. Some training will be required – cats don’t have the natural instinct to run on a wheel – but once your cat learns to use his new toy, he’ll go often, usually doing a quick sprint or two.

Wheels are usually large enough to accommodate more than one cat, so two cats can walk on them simultaneously. However, this is quite rare, and often one cat will grab the wheel, and they will take turns getting on and off the cat wheel.

6. Keeping your cat healthy

A bored cat is an unhappy cat, and without a stimulating environment, cats – especially indoor cats – quickly become bored. The wheel gives our pets an outlet and then allows them to keep fit without going out into the yard.

Cat Exercise Wheel
Cat Exercise Wheel

How to choose a model of wheels for cats?

Before choosing the model of exercise wheel, you must already know your cat to meet its needs. Several criteria are important to take into account to make the right choice.

1. The size of the wheel

All cats are unique in their character, but also in their size. Indeed, the size of a cat varies greatly depending on the breed. Among the smallest cat breeds, we find the Singapura and the Komat with a height at the withers between 25 and 30 cm. On the other hand, the Savannah is one of the largest cat breeds with a height of 43 cm at the withers. The Ragdoll and the Maine Coon are equally large breeds with a height of 40 cm.

A cat wheel must therefore be adapted to the size of your cat to be effective and ensure its safety. Take the time to check the dimensions of the different products which can vary between 25 and 120 centimeters in diameter. For larger exercise wheels, make sure the components are of high quality and sturdy.

2. The composition of the wheel

There are several types of cat wheels to suit your home and your cat’s tastes. If you choose a wheel made of cheap, low-quality materials, your cat may not want to use it.

To make your cat happy, you have a multitude of choices between wheels with a frame made of cardboard or corrugated paper, recycled plastic, those made of natural wood and finally those made of polyester.

The rolling system is equally important. The product should be designed to be quiet with a tread that runs on stable balls.

3. The design

This product with an imposing size is going to be in a room of the house, so choose a beautiful product with an elegant design.

Two types of openings are possible, either the access is from one side or the access is from both sides.

The most common example is the hamster wheel which is only open on one side. However, the cat is not a hamster! The only advantage of a two-sided opening is that it gives your cat a good view during its sports and training sessions.

Will your cat use the wheel?

It is important to note that not all felines will naturally adapt to an exercise wheel, some will need a few weeks of practice before they are confident in using it.

A high-energy cat, such as the Bengal breed, will generally adapt more quickly to using an exercise wheel than a more sedentary cat. Even the most sedentary cat can be coaxed into using it with proper training and praise.

The most popular cat wheels, such as the One Fast Cat Wheel, are traditionally designed for animals weighing up to 30 pounds. Therefore, an exercise wheel is more likely to be used by cats under the weight requirement. Overweight cats that exceed the weight requirement (over 11 kg) may require more effort to train them to use a wheel. A small diet prior to use or other exercise is helpful to achieve the ideal weight.

If your pet is an indoor cat, an exercise wheel would be a great addition to their life. Indoor cats are more prone to boredom, depression and problems associated with being overweight. Wheels help cats expend excess energy and contribute to a much better overall mental and physical well-being.

Studies show that cats using exercise wheels become much less anxious and develop better muscle tone and strength.If you’re still concerned that your cat won’t use the wheel, be sure to save your bill, as most cat exercise wheel vendors provide refunds if your cat really doesn’t get used to it.

Pros and cons of an exercise wheel

Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of an exercise wheel, so feel free to check out the info below to familiarize yourself with this product.


  • Allows the cat to run and sprint anytime, anywhere.
  • Ideal for letting your cat expend its energy while you are away.
  • With proper training, the wheel will be used throughout the day.
  • Ideal for young and adult cats.
  • Easy to assemble and low maintenance.


  • Training and positive reinforcement are required to use the wheel.
  • Most cat exercise wheels are quite large and take up space.
  • They are more expensive than regular cat products (> 200 €).
  • They can be noisy if cats run or sprint.
  • They can be difficult to store without disassembling them.
  • Cats at full speed sometimes shake the room.