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What is the best cat toy?

To be happy, your cat needs to play, so you have to buy him everything he needs for that. Otherwise, he might play with what he finds, like your sofa for example… Yes, but you still need to find the best toy that is made for your cat! Indeed, every cat is different, fortunately La Ferme Des Animaux comes to present you the top of the moment to allow your feline to play the fool. With our cat toys, your pet will be the happiest in the world!

Buy the best toys for your cat

First of all, it is good to remember that the domestic cat has kept its hunting instincts. That’s why he has a vital need to play, whether it’s day or night. As all cat owners know, it is not uncommon to hear your cat or kitten making noise during the night because it is having fun.

If you are here, it is to find the ideal toy, it must be said that it is not always obvious. Because sometimes, we are happy to have found a great toy, and in the end your cat is more interested in the packaging or the box, disappointing isn’t it?

How to choose the best toy?

Don’t forget that your cat also has the right to have fun when he is alone at home. So you need to keep this in mind, because an apartment cat that can’t go outside will need activity to fight boredom.

Just watch him lie down and move his hindquarters to see that he is ready to pounce on his prey. And if your pet tends to gain weight, a little physical activity won’t hurt.

The right toy for your feline

As mentioned above, every pet is different, so if you have several cats (you’re lucky), they won’t all play with the same games. So you have to take into account his preferences and not necessarily what you like.

The ideal toy is the one that your cat will like, for example you will not buy a game with feathers if he does not like. He’s not the type to get up when he sees the red dot on your laser? There’s no point in insisting, you just have to learn from his mistakes to find the model that attracts him the most.

An interactive toy

Your cat is often alone at home and you are looking for a solution to help him fight boredom? In addition, by stimulating him, you will prevent him from making mischief in the house or apartment. An interactive toy will be perfect because he won’t need you to have fun. There are mobile games that move, such as a small ball that moves under a carpet, which will awaken his hunting instinct.

A tunnel

As you know, a feline loves to hide, it’s in his nature. So with a tunnel, you’ll be able to combine business with pleasure, since he’ll be able to hide and watch what’s going on around him without being seen. There are different kinds, made of polar fleece or which will make noise when he walks on it. He can play hide and seek and even take a nap when he is tired.

A cat exercise wheel

It’s surely the best toy for your cat to exercise. Great for indoor cats, a cat exercise wheel will allow her to burn her energy while at home.

The laser pointer

This is a classic, but it’s so effective that you must have one at home. When you press the little button on the pointer, your cat will hear the little click which will tell him that something is happening. Just watch him chase the little red dot, he’ll jump on it and you’ll really laugh to see him do it. He’ll hide, jump on it, chase it… a real moment of shared fun!

A fishing rod

Another classic and it’s not for nothing that this kind of product is so popular with our customers. Here is something to spend a pleasant moment with your feline companion, you will only have to swing the fishing rod and your cat will try to catch the toy that is hanging (for example a mouse). What to be even more complicit, you will really have fun both.

An educational toy

Nowadays, manufacturers have understood that you have to be ingenious to entertain cats. Indeed, if the toy only amuses him for a few seconds, it is not really interesting. That’s why there are educational toys, often electronic. These toys will be activated when your feline makes movements, which will allow him to be activated even if he is alone in your home. An interactive toy is always appreciated since it will also help develop his dexterity.

A ball

This is certainly the simplest toy, it must be said that the ball has been used for a very long time by the masters and mistresses of pets. Whether it’s a kitten, an adult cat or a senior, it will always enjoy pawing at its ball. It is the ultimate cat toy, impossible to do without it. He will then run after it to better jump on it. You only have to see him get on his back and chase the ball with his paws to see that he appreciates this moment of play.

A treat dispenser

Might as well combine business with pleasure, right? Your little fur ball won’t be able to resist a toy that will dispense tasty treats or kibble. He’ll have to be resourceful to drop the precious contents.

The cat tree

A cat tree is not a toy, we agree, but nevertheless, it is the most complete toy of all. Because it contributes to the happiness of your pet. It can sleep, rest, watch, but also have fun. Because most of the models contain games that will allow him to pass the time. And it is without counting on the hiding places which will allow him to have fun a long time.

A toy with feathers

There are different types of toys, but many use catnip. Sometimes your cat won’t be interested in your latest purchase. No, he’s going to go about his life, and that’s when catnip comes into play! It will attract your feline who will not be able to prevent himself from coming to see more closely this object which smells so good. He won’t be able to resist rubbing and playing with it, which will allow the scent to smell even more.

To fight boredom

Whether it’s a human or a pet, there’s nothing worse than being bored. If your cat is walking around the house in circles, or just sleeping without getting up (except to eat and drink), it’s certainly because it’s bored.

Besides, a cat that meows is often a cat that tells you there’s a problem. He’s not going to meow for no reason, so you need to find an effective way to let you know. That’s why he’ll start meowing all over the house to let you know. So you need to choose the best toy to keep him busy.

The best game for an apartment cat

A cat that lives in an apartment has fewer opportunities to play than a cat that can go outside. Indeed, outside, the temptation to play with your cat is very high.

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